The Indiana Railway Museum is a tourist railway located in French Lick, Indiana. The Museum was founded in 1961 in the town of Westport, Indiana where the railroad operated a tourist excursion, utilizing one small locomotive, three passenger cars, and about twenty volunteers. Ridership was estimated at about 500 passengers in 1962. The museum and railway remained in Westport until a move was necessitated in 1971. The organization relocated to Greensburg, Indiana where it operated until 1976 when it again, it changed locations. The Museum was relocated to French Lick in 1978 after an agreement with the Southern Railway Company. They deeded the Museum a total of sixteen miles of track stretching from West Baden, Indiana, approximately one mile north of French Lick, to a small town named Dubois, to the south.

The Indiana Railway Museum currently operates as The French Lick Scenic Railway operating passenger trains over twenty-five miles of this track from French Lick to Jasper. The driving force behind the Railway is to provide guests with an experience harking back to a time when rail travel was the primary means of long distance travel.  You won’t find a Museum in the traditional sense.  There are no display cases full of dusty timetables and lanterns, but what you will find is the opportunity to experience history.  Instead of just looking at them, you will be able to climb aboard the train and experience rail travel first hand!

Burton Tunnel

Built in 1907 the 2,200 foot Burton Tunnel is the second longest tunnel in Indiana, the longest being the Duncan Tunnel which is an additional 2,489 feet long for a total length of 4,689 feet. The tunnel hosted the Southern Railway which ran the branch line from French Lick to Huntingburg Indiana. The tunnel was dug out from both ends and joined in the middle, while you ride our train if you look for it you can see how the angle didn’t quite meet up evenly, and there is a corner on either side of the tunnel walls toward the middle.

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