Chocolate Tasting Train

Immerse yourself in the flavorful world of chocolate on our unique chocolate
tasting train. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream. Our trip offers a rare, intense, and
decadent experience; as you discover the thrilling sensation of chocolate.
Passengers will taste and learn how to engage their senses and try a variety of
chocolate paired with chocolate confections and cocktails.

This is 21 and over event that will delight any chocolate lover. Dates for this experience are:

2021 Dates

September 25th, 2021

October 9th, 2021

October 23rd, 2021

Train departs the depot at 5:30pm EDT

Tasting Menu

White Chocolate
Snow on the Rails
Purity at it’s finest: Snow on the Rails is a contrast between silky Godiva White
Chocolate Liqueur and the warming balance of vanilla vodka. Served chilled and
blended with coconut milk. Its beauty is remembered long after it’s gone.
paired with
White Chocolate Mousse
A classic, silky, smooth, creamy dessert that can tempt any palate. It’s the
perfect blend of white chocolate and rich cream topped with tart red
raspberries… leaving you begging for more.


Milk Chocolate
The Cowcatcher
Indulgence that deserves the spotlight; a blend of Godiva milk chocolate liqueur and vodka,
topped with a fluffy swirl of whipped cream and sprinkled with perfection.
The Cowcatcher is above the rest.
paired with
Chocolate Truffles
Simple and eloquent the chocolate truffle is a pleasing combination of cookie,
chocolate, cream, and then coated in milk chocolate.


Dark Chocolate
Railroad Coffee
A hardy portion Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur with an equally eye opening pour
of Kailua. If that’s not enough to keep you going; a splash of vodka and cream add a
smooth finish after a long days work.
paired with
Decedent Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Take a walk on the dark side. An exquisite dark chocolate cupcake, garnished
with a rich dark chocolate icing: perfectly moist and insanely chocolaty. It’s love
at first bite.


$200/Table (for up to four people) –  Ages 21 & over ONLY


*Drinks served on this trip are alcoholic based cocktails.  Water is also served.
No other beverage service is available.

** To ensure your party is not seated with other guests at the same table, the purchase of the full table is required.  The price of the table is for up to four guests.
Guests seated at tables with less than four passengers will not receive multiple servings of alcohol.