Wine Tasting Train


A wine tasting train excursion is a unique and delightful experience that combines the charm of a scenic train journey with the pleasure of tasting exquisite wines.  Gourmet small plates, prepared by skilled chefs, are paired with carefully selected wines, enhancing the flavors and creating a symphony for the senses.


This 1 hour and 15 minute ride is a 21+ event that will delight any wine lover.


Friday, June 7, 2024

Friday, September 27, 2024


$70 Per Seat at a First Class Table
$90 Per Seat at a Vista Dome Table



6:30 PM EST

*Drinks served on this trip are alcoholic based cocktails.  Water is also served. No other beverage service is available.

** To ensure exclusive seating for your party, we recommend purchasing an entire table. Guests seated at tables with fewer than four people will not receive additional servings of alcohol. Each passenger will receive one drink pairing per course only.**  

Wine Tasting Menu

Our first wine is a Winzerwald Gewürztraminer, semi-dry white wine.  It is paired with a charcuterie skewer consisting of cured meats, grapes and cheese. 

Our second wine is a Olianas Cannanau, a dry red wine.  It is paired with three sour meatballs, garnished with fresh parsley. 

Our third and final wine is a Purple Toad Black Strawberry, it is a sweet wine.  It is paired with a mixed berry trifle, garnished with fresh mint.

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