Bourbon Tasting Train

Don’t miss your chance to ride in style on board the French Lick Scenic Railroad Bourbon Tasting Train. Sit back and sip some of the finest bourbons while relaxing to the rhythm of the rail during this adult only ride. Each bourbon is carefully paired with a tasting-sized dish that highlights the complexity of flavors from our choice bourbons. Enjoy American favorites and Kentucky originals during this one of a kind experience.

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This adult 21-and-over event will depart from the French Lick Depot on:

Bourbon Tasting Trains will become available in the second half of 2021 as health restrictions permit.

The train departs the depot at 6:30pm Eastern Time.


Spirits of French Lick White Bourbon
This double-distilled, corn-based bourbon is a unique experience.  White Bourbon has aged only 10 minutes in a New Oak Container making it a raw product unlike its aged counterparts.  This bourbon will set the baseline for what the minimum requirements are to be considered a bourbon.


Makers Mark
While most bourbons use rye for their flavorings, Maker’s Mark us unique by using red winter wheat as its flavor profile.  A bourbon that is so light and sweet, it tantalizes your palate.  It provides a perfect flavor that is neither too thin nor too full.
paired with
Pork BBQ Sliders
Savory shredded pork marinated with a bourbon bbq sauce.  This delicious treat offers a flavor tug-of-war as sweet and spicy battle it out.


Angel’s Envy
Small batches aged up to 6 years, allowing for evaporations (or “The Angel’s Share”), leaving this bourbon worthy of its name.  Aged in port wine casks allowing many flavors to erupt and delight your pallet.
paired with
Pineapple Sriracha Bourbon Chicken Bites
Lucious cuts of chicken paired with pineapple and glazed with a rich sriracha bourbon sauce.  This combination of sweet and heat will make you thirsty for more.


Spirits of French Lick Lee W. Sinclair 4-Grain
Named after a successful Hoosier, this 4-grain, 90-proof bourbon is a mix of corn, oats, wheat, and caramel malt.  Offering a creamy texture and a sweet aroma, this bourbon is sure to impress.
paired with
Bourbon Caramel Apple Bars
A blend of two American classics; as we combine the simplicity of apples, sugar, and warm spices with a rich bourbon caramel sauce.  A tasty bite that will lead you on a journey home, married with the sophistication of a Kentucky Legend: BOURBON.



$50/person – Ages 21 & Over Only


*Note:  These are pairing samples served with each bourbon, not a full meal
** Water is served as a cleanser between each pairing, no other beverages are available.